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Spectral predictor - measurement, calibration and prediction software for Spectroscopy




Spectral predictor 3.0 - Full version - Free

C++ platform

Spectral predictor provides four modes– Scope, absorbance, reflectance, transmittance. Pixel smoothing as well as spectrum averaging. Scope mode shows acquired raw data. Zoom scale, wavelength calibration, export to ASCII, peak finder, save dark, reference, spectra and display it. Dark and reference adjustment, store to flash (USB2 only)
Auto-adjust integration time and saturated pixels detection.

  • Integration time from 10 us – 60 sec
  • Average 1 to 65 000 scans
  • Save as ASCII format.
  • Free application chemometrics Lambert-Beer's law
It is Windows compatible.

Chemometrics Lambert-Beer's law



Color measurement functions:

standard observer angle is selectable for 2° or 10° and illuminant A,B,C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, save color to database and color finder. CIE xy, CIE Lab, xyz, illuminant graphic (USB2 only)



Irradiance measurement of : uWatt/cm2, uWatt(received),uWatt(emitted), uJoule/cm2, uJoule(received), uJoule(emitted), uMol/s.m2, uMol/s, uMol/m2, uMol, uWatt/sr, uJoule/sr, lux, lumen, candela


3D Measurement online

3D measurement


Partial least squares regression 1

Calibration mode PLS1 (prediction, regression and distribution) :


Process control

























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